2018 Senior Men's State Lacrosse Team announced

LWA is pleased to announce the 2018 WA Senior Men's State Lacrosse Team. The ALA Senior National Championship will be held in West Australia at Wembley Lacrosse Club from Thursday the 7th of June until Sunday 10th of June 2018.

Head Coach - Nathan Rainey
Assistant Coach - Adam Jorre de St Jorre
Assistant Coach - Gareth Allen
Team Manager - Roxanne Leavy

2018 WA Senior Men's State Lacrosse State Team:

Brock Beall                        East Fremantle
Stuart Bentley                   Wembley
Blair Bentley                      Wembley
Jesse Bowland Curtis       Bayswater
Alex Brown                        Wembley
Warren Brown                   Bayswater
Isaac Cahill                         Subiaco
Ashby Dennis                     Subiaco
Matt Diver                           Wembley
Cameron Evangelho          East Fremantle
Ashby Farrell                       Wembley
Jordan Gillespie                  Wanneroo-Joondalup
Brad Goddard                     Wembley
Thomas Graham                 Bayswater
Mitchell Kennedy                East Fremantle
Ben Muxlow                         Wembley
Brayden Panting                  Wembley
Aaron Salter                         Subiaco
Ryan Spark                           East Fremantle
Ben Thompson                    Bayswater
Lachlan Walker                    Wanneroo-Joondalup


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