2021 National Lacrosse Series Teams announced

Lacrosse WA is excited to announce the National Lacrosse Series (NLS) Sixes Teams for 2021.

The NLS is a unified localised Series that will provide a higher level of lacrosse for WA U15, U18 and Senior players.  Under the NLS banner LWA will host the NLS West.

The innovation of this series was a response to the cancellation of all Lacrosse Australia events due to Covid-19 and in lieu of sending representative teams to U18’s and Senior’s this year. The series will also ensure our players have the training and competition opportunities as well as the social interactions that come with representative teams..

The 2021 NLS will be held at the end of the school holidays from Friday 8th to Sunday 10th of October.  Venue to be announced this week.

Girl's U15's:

Head Coach - Kate Hooper - Team Blaze

Josephine Barnett - Wembley
Sofia Birighitti - Wembley
Trinity Buckman - East Fremantle
Amy Buehrig - Wanneroo-Joondalup
Ashlee Burton - Bayswater
Lauren Greaves - Bayswater
Victoria Narbey - Wembley
Charli-rose Rodwell - East Fremantle
Siobhan Symonds - Wanneroo-Joondalup

Head Coach - Shannon Mitchell - Team Fury

Zia Carlson - Phoenix
Madison Carroll - Wembley
Nikilah Carson - Bayswater
Kayley Dawson - East Fremantle
Briga Gould - Wembley
Koda Jobson - Bayswater
Claire Lawrance -Wanneroo-Joondalup
Freya Pyne - Phoenix
Emily Sadler - East Fremantle

Head Coach - Sophia Moore - Team Renegades

Isla Allison - Wanneroo-Joondalup
Tahlia Edwards - Wembley
Kori Rainey - Phoenix
Lily Reynolds - Wanneroo-Joondalup
Ella Rose - Wembley
Meggin Stewart - Wanneroo-Joondalup
Ruby Taylor - Bayswater
Phoebe Venn - Wanneroo-Joondalup
Trinnadee-anne Walker - Phoenix

Boy's U15's:

Head Coach - Colin Moir - Team Force

Oliver Beaulieu - Subiaco
Christian Beor - Bayswater
Clancy Buckley - Bayswater
Bryn Cureton - Phoenix
Isaac Deshon - Bayswater
Lucas Deshon - Bayswater
AJ Escasinas - Bayswater
Kai Grayson - Phoenix
Alex McBean - Bayswater
Ben Peirce - Bayswater
Mitchell Sim - Bayswater
Dalyan Sundsby - Subiaco
Tyler Tootell - Subiaco
Mitchell White - Bayswater

Head Coach - Kim Gillespie - Team Blitz
Assistant Coach - Justin Weber

Oliver Bell - Wanneroo-Joondalup
Luka Bleus - East Fremantle
Rowan Glass - Wanneroo-Joondalup
Adam Jerejian - Wanneroo-Joondalup
Hector Kynoch - Wanneroo-Joondalup
Thomas Maschler - Wanneroo-Joondalup
Jake Matheson - Wanneroo-Joondalup
Jaron Phillips - Wanneroo-Joondalup
Sam Schroeder - Wanneroo-Joondalup
Taj Schwagermann - Wanneroo-Joondalup
Ethan Walters - East Fremantle
Domenic Welch - Wanneroo-Joondalup
Taliesin Williams - East Fremantle
Lachlan Wills - East Fremantle

Head Coach - Jordan Gillespie

Klae Allen - Wembley
Matthew Barneveld Labbe - Wembley
Remy Bell - Wembley
Luka Dillon - Wembley
Tyson Gill - Wembley
Jack Grose - East Fremantle
Jacob Davila - Wembley
Alexi Johnson - East Fremantle
Thomas Jowett - Wembley
Naga Sri Vaishnov Kasarla - Wembley
Reuben Mann - Wembley
John Narbey - Wembley
Lincoln Plummer - Wembley

U18 Girl's

Head Coach - Tegan Brown

Jessica Carson - Bayswater
Demi Czynski - Wanneroo-Joondalup
Emily Dawson - East Fremantle
Chloe Duckworth - Wanneroo-Joondalup
Samara Edwards - Wembley
Emma Ee - Bayswater
Hesmarie Husselmann - Bayswater
Ruby Koczwara - Wembley
Nya Lawler - Wanneroo-Joondalup
Jamieson May - Wanneroo-Joondalup
Paige Pownell - Bayswater

Head Coach - James Hogg
Team Manager - Justine Hogg

Summer Buckman - East Fremantle
Bindi Buckman - East Fremantle
Zoey Chobanoff - Subiaco
Georgia Corica - Wembley
Marah Crane - Alkimos
Makayla Fraser - Bayswater
Charlotte Hogg - Wembley
Veronica Keen - Bayswater
Shan Yu Lim - Wembley
Wallace Magee - Wembley
Annie Wilson - Wanneroo-Joondalup

U18 Boy's

Head Coach - Ben Muxlow
Assistant Coach - Ashby Farrell

Casey Burton - Bayswater
Charlie Clarke - Wembley
Jack Duckworth - Wanneroo-Joondalup
Tate Evans - Phoenix
Frazer Gill - Wembley
James Grey - Wanneroo-Joondalup
Nicolaas Grey - Wanneroo-Joondalup
Jed Martella - East Fremantle
Riley Pyne - Phoenix
Charlie Warren - East Fremantle

Head Coach - Dawson Caldwell

Alex Ager - Bayswater
Aaron Barneveld Labbe - Wembley
Zak Cheung - Subiaco
Conor Chiswell - Wembley
Kyle Clayton - Wanneroo-Joondalup
Jack Cooper - Wembley
Aethan Falla - Wanneroo-Joondalup
Brody Leahy - Bayswater
Harrison Parker - Bayswater
Miles Shiner - Subiaco
Harrison Summerell - Phoenix

Head Coach - Glenn Morley

Liam Bryant - Bayswater
Peter Grose - East Fremantle
Aidan Holmes - East Fremantle
Joseph Manning - East Fremantle
Ryan Marrington - East Fremantle
Ethan Moir - Phoenix
Kade Moir - Phoenix
Thomas Moir - Phoenix
Reece Pourau - Bayswater
Nikolas Sneddon - Bayswater

Senior Women

Head Coach - Steph McRae
Assistant Coach - Mackenzie Liddelow

Kerry Allen - East Fremantle
Rachel Anderson - Bayswater
Natasha Bronkhorst - East Fremantle
Rhiannon Chenoweth - Wanneroo-Joondalup
Olivia Hall - Wembley
Leah Heinz - Wanneroo-Joondalup
Kate Hooper - Subiaco
Georgia Portlock - East Fremantle
Shaunna Ramirez - Bayswater
Tammie West - Wanneroo-Joondalup
Chloe White - Wembley
Olivia Wills - East Fremantle

Head Coach - Gavin Leavy
Assistant Coach - Brendan Ballarine

Rebecca Adamson - Bayswater
Olivia Antulov - Wanneroo-Joondalup
Tegan Brown - East Fremantle
Isla Frazer - Bayswater
Emma Graham - East Fremantle
Emma Green - Subiaco
Skylar Leavy - East Fremantle
Maggie Monteith - Bayswater
Holly Plummer - Wembley
Ella Tennant - Bayswater

Head Coach - Dennis Banyard

Julie Ames - Wanneroo-Joondalup
Stephanie Gageler - Bayswater
Elizabeth Hinkes - Wembley
Jesse Ingram - East Fremantle
Courtney Johns - East Fremantle
Emilee Martin - Bayswater
Erin Mitchell - Subiaco
Shannon Mitchell - Subiaco
Kirsten Smedley - Alkimos
Emily Wills - East Fremantle

Senior Men

Head Coach - Adam Jorre de St Jorre

Will Czynski - Wanneroo-Joondalup
Cam Evangelho - East Fremantle
Thomas Harris - Bayswater
Ryan Hockey - East Fremantle
Sam Ramsay - Wembley
Brodie Ray - East Fremantle
Jaidyn Rodrigues - Wanneroo-Joondalup
David Schomburg - East Fremantle
Jordan Walker - Phoenix
Lachlan Walker - Wanneroo-Joondalup
Javier Williams - Phoenix
Travis Wolfe - Phoenix
Matt Wood - Wembley

Head Coach - Glenn Morley

Daniel Bowater - East Fremantle
Petrus Bronkhorst - East Fremantle
Isaac Cahill - Subiaco
Dawson Caldwell - Wembley
Jordan Gillespie - Wanneroo-Joondalup
Ethan Kentfield - Subiaco
Lucas Koczwara - Wembley
Sam Koczwara - Wembley
Jacob Mellor - Wanneroo-Joondalup
Thomas Richards - East Fremantle
Jack Savage - Wembley
Henry Simmonds - Subiaco
Ryan Spark - East Fremantle

Head Coach - Luke Oliver

Ashby Dennis - Subiaco
Ashby Farrell - Wembley
Ben Healy - Wembley
Rhett Johnstone - Wanneroo-Joondalup
Jimmy Kinsella - Wembley
Ben Muxlow - Wembley
Brayden Panting - Wembley
Aaron Salter - Subiaco
Adam Smedley - Alkimos
Ben Thomas-Gill - Bayswater
Lucas Wood - Wembley


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