Lacrosse WA Foundation

The Lacrosse WA Foundation (LWAF) was established by the WALA on September 10 1990. After a steering committee prepared a discussion paper outlining the role, structure and composition of the LWAF, Foundation Directors were elected and appointed, and the inaugural meeting of the LWAF was held on July 1, 1991.

The role of the LWAF, which was endorsed by the LWA and the Lacrosse WA community, was outlined as:

  1. To complement the role of the LWA Board of Directors through a series of activities aimed at the promotion and development of lacrosse.
  2. To manage funds derived from the conduct of the 1990 World Lacrosse Championships and supplemented by promotional activities undertaken by LWAF. Returns from invested funds to be available for projects or programs beneficial to the game and the lacrosse community.
  3. To prepare a forward plan of action for an initial period of 5 years which will contain a set of short and long term goals and include a schedule for continuous evaluation.


The purpose of this document is to:

  • Elaborate on the role of the Foundation and its relationship to the LWA
  • Outline the structure, composition and selection procedures for LWAF;
  • Outline the current LWAF policies in relation to funds management; and
  • Provide guidelines to organizations wishing to access LWAF funds.



The LWAF role is to facilitate the long-term promotion of lacrosse in Western Australia.


To achieve this, the LWAF will -

a. Undertake activities to:

  • raise revenue
  • promote itself
  • sponsor activities of LWA and affiliates
  • provide investment, grant and loan funds to LWA and LWA affiliates.

b. Manage LWAF funds to maintain their value in real terms.

c. Produce a LWAF Business Plan consistent with the LWA Development Plan.


In practice, to enable this role to be discharged, the LWAF will -

  1. Consider all avenues for fund raising, providing they do not impinge on LWA sources of funds.
  2. Assess all proposals for disbursement of funds against agreed criteria. Proposals may be from LWA or from LWA affiliated bodies.
  3. Recommend to LWA the disbursement of funds as investments, loans and grants and any conditions applying to those investments, loans and grants.
  4. Provide to LWA a copy of all LWAF Board Meeting minutes, which will incorporate a Financial Statement.

LWAF is not an autonomous body. It was established by LWA and is responsible to LWA. LWAF activities will compliment LWA in areas where resources are lacking and, through LWA will assist affiliates in their endeavours to promote and develop lacrosse in Western Australia.



The LWAF is a functional extension of the LWA Board to which it is responsible. The cannel of responsibility is via the LWA Director of Special Projects who is a LWAF Trustee.

Line of Communication and Responsibility

  • LWA Board of Directors
  • President
  • Directors
  • Director of Special Projects LWAF



  1. The members of the LWAF are to as Foundation Trustees.
  2. The LWA to be comprised of –
  • The LWAF Director of Special Projects or a Director nominated by the LWA Board of Directors.
  • Four nominated/elected members.
  • LWA President or his representative ex officio.
  • The number of Trustees may be varied as or when the need exists.

Appointment/Selection of Trustees

Half the numbers of appointed/elected Trustees are elected through a ballot system involving all clubs affiliated with the LWA.

Half the numbers of appointment/elected Trustees are appointment by the LWA Board of Directors at the LWA Board Meeting following the LWA Annual General Meeting.

The following conditions apply to appointments:

  1. One of the Trustees must be qualified and experienced in either Accounting, Banking, Finance or Business.
  2. Nominations will be advertised in September of each year with a ballot to occur in October.
  3. Nominations must be accompanied by a resume containing personal details and data outlining experience appropriate to the position.
  4. Names of new Trustees to be announced at the LWA A.G.M.
  5. Following their appointment, Trustees are to nominate a deputy who will become an understudy to the Trustee. Deputies are to be endorsed by the LWAF.


Terms of Office

To facilitate a continuity of membership and policy, members are appointed for a period of 2 years with 2 Trustees retiring each year. Retiring Trustees may re-nominate or be re-appointed.

  1. One elected and one appointed Trustee to retire at the end of each year (i.e. November 30th of each year)
  2. Replacement Trustees required to complete a term of office (due to resignations or inability of the incumbent to continue) to be made by the LWA Board of Directors.



The value of the initial investment in LWAF, and subsequent additions to that investment, will be maintained - including allowance for inflation.

The LWAF will maintain a minimum proportion of 30% of total investment available in liquid funds.

The LWAF will maximise returns from liquid funds through investment in recognised banks and financial institutions.

The LWAF will endeavour to increase the value of total funds invested by a minimum of the amount of C.P.I for each year - base year 30 September 1990. Australian Bureau of Statistics C.P.I (Perth All Groups) to be used for all calculations.

Only member Clubs and Affiliates of LWA shall be eligible for sponsorship.

Only projects, which promote lacrosse, will be considered for support by loan or grant. Initially, projects, which lead to increased membership, will receive highest priority.

Projects approved by LWAF shall be submitted to the LWA Board of Directors for approval through the LWA Director of Special Projects.



Every proposal for a loan or grant must include the information outlined in the Applications Checklist.

The LWAF may require recognition through the use of logos or in other forms for specific projects.

Every project shall require an evaluation of the project to be provided on completion of the project. For loan projects this shall be not later than the date of the final repayment of the loaned funds. This evaluation will include a statement of income and expenditure for the project and details of how the project has been, or will be, effective in promoting lacrosse.



LWAF funds may be loaned to LWA member Clubs and Affiliates for approved projects provided that the rate of return is equivalent to LWAF funds invested with banks and financial institutions and provided also that a formal loan contract with guarantors is used. The period of any such loan shall not exceed 5 years.

Proposals for provision of financial support for projects designed to produce a positive financial return within a 5-year period may be considered by the LWAF at any time. All proposals must be submitted providing documented details of the project and identifying project sponsors who are prepared to be guarantors for the LWAF funds required. The LWAF return shall be defined at the outset in terms of amount and timing.

The LWAF may act as guarantor for specific projects in return for a financial commission and involvement in the management of the project if required by the LWAF.



Applications for grants close on January 15 each year.

Any financial return over C.P.I may be made available for funding specific projects on a grant basis after provision has been made for LWAF operation costs.

New revenues gained in any year through membership or promotional activities shall not be taken into consideration in the calculation of funds available for grants in the following year.



LWAF funds may be invested in LWA projects, which, by their nature, would be long term e.g. Lacrosse Headquarters. Such investments would be assessed on projected revenue and capital returns and the overall promotional benefit to lacrosse.



Applications should be concise and factual, and should include the following.

The Applicant

Give name of person who will accept responsibility for the Investment/Grant/Loan money allocated and any terms and conditions associated with the Investment/Grant/Loan.

Give the name of organisation and legal status.


The Project

If replacement Loan is sought, provide details and copies of any previous Loan contract.

Describe the project and its objectives.

List the activities, services and/or programs incorporated in the Investment/Grant/Loan.

State the Lacrosse promotion value of the Investment/Grant/Loan, and the relevance to the Foundation=s guidelines including numbers, target groups, exposure opportunities, other benefits for Lacrosse.



State the time frame including the commencement and completion date of the program

Indicate the term of the financial year for your organisation.



State the proposed evaluation methods and criteria.


Financial Details

State amount of Investment/Grant/Loan sought.

Give detailed budget.

List the other sources of funding for the project (and state whether they are confirmed or proposed.)

List other project sponsors, if any.

List other core funding commitments from Government or other to your organisation (source, period and amount).

List other sponsors from whom support has been received in the past two years.

Completed Summary Form



In assessing applications, in addition to the factors mentioned elsewhere in these guidelines, the primary consideration is the Lacrosse promotion benefit, which will derive from Investments/Grants/Loan. Other considerations include:

The demonstrated ability of the applicant to manage the project and to deliver benefits to Lacrosse

The extent to which the requested Investment/Grant/Loan is realistically related to the potential impact or benefit of the project.

Applications will be assessed by the Foundation, which will make recommendations to the LWA Board according to the criteria outlined in these guidelines.



Applications for Grants must be received each year by January 15.

There are no closing dates for submission of Investment or Loan applications.

All applications will be acknowledged on receipt.

The foundation may require two or three months to process the application. Therefore, applications must be lodged well in advance of the date for which the Investment/Grant/Loan is sought.

Please check that all the required details and supporting evidence, as outlined in the checklist, are included with the initial request for funds. Incomplete applications may take longer to process.



Applications should be forwarded to:

Lacrosse WA Foundation
PO Box 1633,
Osborne Park WA 6917

The information, as outlined in the checklist and with a summary sheet attached should be require no more than 12 pages.

Applicants must forward nine (9) copies of their submission to the Foundation. Only one copy of supporting documents is necessary.



Before proposals are forwarded to the Foundation, all applicants should check the following requirements:

Has adequate time been allowed for the Foundation to process the application?

Does the application provide detailed information using the headings in the checklist?

Has the Summary Form been completed?

Does the application include the attachments specified in the proposal?