Vale Noel Jeffery - Memorial Service


As recently advised, Noel Jeffrey passed away on 13 July in the U.S.A. Noel Jeffrey not only represented Malvern, Victoria and Australia as a player, but was also a very important figure in fund raising in Victorian lacrosse during the 1960s and was liaison officer to the Australian Men's team over many visits to the U.S.A.

Noel was awarded a fellowship by the Australian Lacrosse Council as it was then named, in 2004 for his service to lacrosse as a player and administrator over many years.

We have been asked to notify all members that a memorial service will take place.


Noel Jeffrey was not only a very good player, representing Australia in the first touring team in 1962, but also as an administrator, where if you read the history of men's lacrosse you can see how much he did to raise the profile of lacrosse in Australia and importantly raise funds for Australian teams.

Noel moved to the U.S. many years ago, and resided on Rock Island, off the coast of Oregon. He moved back to Portland some time ago as he and his wife felt that they needed better medical support than could be offered on the island, where he contracted pneumonia, and passed away on 13 July 2016.

Vale Noel, thanks for a fabulous contribution to Australian lacrosse, and your ongoing support of the game in Australia. Noel remained a member of the Past Players Association, and more recently joined the Lambton Mount Lacrosse Club, and emailed how impressed he was with the history of men's lacrosse in Australia, and the fact that we correctly spelled his wife's name!

Noel started and finished with Malvern in Victoria, and I understand from Graeme Reddaway that Noel's wish is to have some of his ashes scattered across the Malvern Lacrosse Ground. Noel was 93 when he passed away.

While Noel and his wife lived in the U.S from the 1970s, Noel continued to contribute to Australian lacrosse through his role as liaison officer for Australian men's touring teams for many years.