2023 Lacrosse WA Annual General Meeting

Lacrosse WA (LWA) nominations for the 2024 LWA Board open Monday, 11th December.

LWA is looking for highly skilled candidates for the following portfolios.  The following Board positions will be up for election at the 2023 LWA Annual General Meeting (AGM). Please click on the position below for the latest Job Description:

Tenures are a term of two (2) years as per 20.3(a) of the LWA Constitution.


There are five (5) documents that have been created to form an Election Pack, aimed to assist potential nominees to decide if they would like to nominate for the LWA Board by supplying the Board Role Description and Code of Conduct. To assist the Affiliate Clubs with their voting responsibilities, each nominee will complete a Nominee Profile. The Election Pack as a whole will help both nominees and Affiliate Clubs, and will be a substantial improvement in LWA’s election process.

LWA would like to welcome all possible nominees who have a passionate commitment to leading the growth of Lacrosse. However LWA is also specifically seeking nominees who have experience or skills in the following areas: Project Management, Evaluation, Finance and Business, Governance, Communications and Marketing.

  1. Nomination Form – Please complete the form as per the detailed instructions. Return the form to the LWA Office executive@lacrossewa.com.au by 5pm, 17th January 2024.
  2. Nominee Profile – This document allows each Nominee to share their experiences and skills in a structured format with the voting members of LWA. All profiles will be distributed to the Affiliated Clubs to help determine the merit of each Nominee standing for the 2024 Election. Please complete the Nominee Profile in electronic format and return with the signed Nomination Form to the LWA Office executive@lacrossewa.com.au by 5pm, 17th January 2024.
  3. Board Role Description – Describes the roles and responsibilities that are required of the LWA Board.
  4. Board Code of Conduct – This document has been developed by the current Board. It outlines the behavioural expectations that the Board has committed to at the LWA Board Induction.
  5. Board Induction Policy – The Board has developed this policy to make the process of becoming a board member more inclusive and accessible for all members of the community.

Please see links below:

LWA Election Pack

 LWA Board Nomination Form

LWA Board Nominee Profile

LWA Board Role Description

LWA Board Code of Conduct

LWA Board Induction Policy

The LWA Board Nomination form, Nominee Profile and/or CV must be received by 5pm on the 17th of January 2024, by the LWA Office executive@lacrossewa.com.au.

All Nominee profiles will be distributed to the LWA Nominations sub-committee to assess and determine if a nomination is suitable for further consideration by the Board.  The LWA Nominations sub-committee Terms of Reference can be found here.

The 2023 LWA Annual General Meeting will be held on Wednesday, 7th February, 2024, 6.30pm, at SportHQ, 203 Underwood Avenue, Floreat.

Board Information:

2023 LWA Deputy Chair and Director of Development & Growth have indicated their intent to re-elect for the 2024 LWA Board. Please also note that Lacrosse WA is committed to maintaining our Women in Leadership Targets for Boards of minimum 50% female Directors.

For questions regarding the nomination or voting process, please contact LWA Executive Officer at executive@lacrossewa.com.au 


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