2015 U18 Boys and Girls State Teams Named

2015 u18 West Australian Boy’s and Girl’s State Lacrosse Teams have been announced. Congratulations to the following players who have been named to compete in Adelaide from the 15th to the 18th of April.

The Boy’s Team will be heading to Adelaide to defend their National Title from 2014 whilst the girls will be hoping to go one better after a nail biting golden goal loss last year.

Lacrosse WA and its members wish the best of luck to Head Coaches Thomas Graham and Chelsea Walsh for a successful Tournament.

2015 Boy’s u18 State Lacrosse Team

Chris Coulter                                      Bayswater

William Day                                         Wembley

Luke Walton                                       Wanneroo

Brayden Panting                               Wembley

Kefford Whyte                                  Wanneroo

Ben Mercer                                        East Fremantle

Ashby Dennis                                    Subiaco

Logan Hellmrich                                Bayswater

Declan Pittway                                  Wanneroo

Keegan Davies                                  Wembley

Isaac Mellor                                        Wanneroo

Samuel Koczwara                             Wembley

Murray Bromfield                            East Fremantle

Ted Herbert                                       Wanneroo

Antonio Carcione                             East Fremantle

Matthew Wood                                                Wembley

Thomas Barrett                                Wanneroo

Patrick Olofsson                               Bayswater

Ryan Hockey                                      East Fremantle


2015 Girl’s u18 State Lacrosse Team

Kerri McEwan                                    Wanneroo

Madelyn Koelmeyer                       Bayswater

Emma Green                                     Bayswater

Nina Whyte                                        Wanneroo

Dhevan Manu                                   Subiaco

Adelaide Hagan                                Subiaco

Sharn Muffett                                   Wanneroo

Nikki Barnett                                      Subiaco

Cassandra Palmer                            East Fremantle

Karri Somerville                                Subiaco

Amy Carter                                         Subiaco

Emma Graham                                  East Fremantle

Emily Wills                                           Phoenix

Rhiannon Panting                            Wembley

Baillie-Rose Keenan                        Wanneroo

Libby Blair                                            Phoenix


Alternate - Tessa Kirby                  Subiaco