Vale Beris Johnson

Beris Johnson
Beris Johnson  

Vale: Beris Johnson WA Lacrosse Association Life Member

Beris Johnson nee Folland 7th September 1935  - 8th February 2019,  

83 years young.

Beris was an Australian champion athlete for the 880yds and an A grade Premiership winning hockey player. She discovered lacrosse when Lyn, her daughter, became friends with Linda Brown and family (Wembley Lacrosse Royalty) and Lyn decided to play - 1968.

We came to watch after a picnic and they needed more players so Jen, Christine and we had Wendy Moran with us, all played. We were athletes so loved the free-flowing game.

Beris quickly joined the Wembley committee and then the WA Lacrosse Association committee. The association for men and women were separate then. Beris held a lot of committee positions and was also Manageress of club and state and then Australian teams.

Beris was the manageress of the 1986 world cup Australian Gold medal winning team – a real highlight. Beris, with Pop, (her dad, the unofficial Australian team mascot), attended every world cup until she had a stroke. After her stroke and in a wheelchair Beris attended every Master’s game and timed for us. She loved watching all the young players develop and was a champion for growing Lacrosse wherever she went. In the summer, Beris would encourage many athletes to participate in Lacrosse as their winter sport, and Sarah Forbes and Michelle Rohlach were just 2 of those.

Beris was awarded WA Lacrosse Association Life membership in 1985, and Wembley Lacrosse Life Membership in 1988. Beris was very honoured and proud to be a WA Lacrosse life member.

Beris’s funeral will be Monday 18th February at 2.30pm at Karrakata Norfolk Crematorium followed by tea, coffee, cake, and then a wake at Jen’s house 41B Alexander St Wembley  (the street of the Wembley pub and the Wembley Primary school) from about 4.15pm. 

We will celebrate so wearing colour - Beris's favourite colour was blue, and she wore a lot of green and gold. 

We are hoping to have an honour guard of Lacrosse and Athletics people (Beris was a life member of Little Athletics and Senior Athletics as well), so if you wish to participate bring a lacrosse stick and try to be there at 2.20pm. If you can attend any part of the afternoon we would love to see you.

Jen, Christine, Lyn and Gail



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