Lacrosse WA - Child Protection

In relation to today’s article in “The West Australian”, Lacrosse WA (LWA) was aware of the matter and all necessary steps have been taken to ensure that all members of the lacrosse community were safe from harm. The matter was dealt with in the most appropriate way to allow criminal proceedings to continue unaffected. 

LWA continue to take any reports or acts of inappropriate conduct seriously and are always committed to the ongoing safety of our members, in particular our junior members. 

Any accusations are treated with a high level of confidentiality and sensitivity to both support and protect the victim, protect others from harm and ensure that the person accused is addressed using the principles of natural justice and due process. This level of confidentiality and sensitivity has meant that LWA has been unable to share publicly the detail of how any investigation has been proceeding.

LWA has worked closely with a number of services including the WA Police Department, Department for Child Protection and the Working with Children Screening Unit for guidance and to ensure a safe environment for all our members at all times.  

LWA is committed to providing a safe environment for all members. If you suspect that any inappropriate conduct including physical abuse, verbal abuse, emotional abuse or sexual misconduct has occurred it should be reported directly to the appropriate state government authorities including the Police or the Department for Child Protection.

If this information has raised concerns for you we encourage you to please reach out and seek help, you can contact Lifeline on 13 11 14 or talk to someone in your network.


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